Daffodils, sunsets, and uneventful nice days.

God, thank-you for the sublime luxury
of a day filled with boredom,
where grief neither glued me to my bed-sheets
nor propelled me into a frenzy
of fast paced amusement,
for it’s haphazard plain-ness
and for the way it will be forgotten
as one of so many plain days
I’m graciously given.

Thank-you for the daffodils
the ones, my heart, with pleasure fill
and the times I’ve been privy to pick them
whether running through a field
with a lover in the rain
or walking along Twin Oak Drive
grabbing bunch after bunch
with my memory.

And thank-you once more
for this evening’s sunset,
whose dripping, golden peels of light,
pastelled with orange, pink, and indigo
give me the promise 
of another night’s stars,
and the hope of a new day.