The Golden Ticket.

I wish I had a way
to give out Golden Tickets
to the folks at the chocolate shop
in Sydney today.

They’d be hidden under the coasters,
but not too hard to find,
and they’d hold keys of compassion
to un-coil our wound-up minds.

They’d have honest words to say
to the hurting Middle East,
and all four points of the compass
would work to foster peace.

Oh I wish I had those Tickets,
they’d unlock that door post haste!
And fill our hearts with kindness
to transform Martin Place.

The sky scrapers would be temples
where we’d laugh, and dance as one
with people from around the world,
as gathered daughters and sons.

The road would be re-paved
with the names of those who simply did nice things
and we’d cast those ordinary names in lights
as our happy hearts world sing.

There’d be no more war or crying,
there’d be safety for each child,
and grown-ups from all walks of life
would feel their souls beguiled.

I’d have Tickets enough for all!
For the atheist, Catholic, and Jew
and the same for all our family
who live by Islam too.

There’d be Tickets to give the Buddhists,
for the agnostics and Baha’i,
and our Golden Flags of Freedom
would light up the darkest sky.

But today… it’s all just headlines;
we’ve forgotten the truth at hand,
for it was fear who took us hostage,
not a foreign face from a distant land.