You Are.

The sliver of blue peering out 

from a stubbornly overcast morning

You are my purple M&M.

You are the last yoghurt coated raisin,

when I was convinced
that all was left 
were crappy chunks
of dried pineapple 
in my muesli. 

You’re a banana chip, God,

and I love you. 

You are the time I asked for free water at Mc Donald’s

and accidentally wound up with complimentary Sprite.

you are the way tears splash onto a page,

and the stillness in my breathing

after a good cry. 

You are the stretch marks on my hips

and the scars
from my old belly-button

(Sorry, mum!)

You are friend,

though I’m quick to call you foe

and by the stillness of your breathing

you lead me forward.

In hope of one more muesli coated raisin,
another late night surprise Sprite,
and longing for a glimpse 

of my next sliver of blue,

piercing through,

this stubbornly overcast mourning.

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