Trust In Me – Etta James etc.

I do recall the way we lay
in bed, and broken, through heavy days
exhaling tired cries as You earnestly crooned
begging “Trust In Me / in all you do,”
though it troubled me deeply to dare trust in You.

I remember the damp, the cracks in the frame,
the uneven cadence of beginning again,
for my plans had been flooded,
and the ark had set sail,
with no twin companion to share in the tale.

My sinking heart anchored on the floor of a sea
which had fallen from heaven, raining hell upon me,
but I heard Your soft whisper, and I know it was You
pleading just “have the faith / I have in you,”
so on we pressed over that wild, tousled, blue.

How we argued, dear friend, and what names I did shout
for Your apparent abandonment caused me such doubt
And how many fresh nails did I hurl at Your hands?
while You gently held mine, as we drew nearer land.

But now, docked safely and in sheer disbelief,
my eyes flood with big, joy filled tears just to see
that You meant each line of old Etta’s decree
when You sang “love will see us through /
if only you Trust In Me.”

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