Love & Araldite


if you’re gonna do it

go down swinging.

Go down singing,

cause “love

is like a freight train.

So get ready to hold on 

for dear life,

or jump off the tracks,”

and remember;

the bar has been set.

With a hundred love letters.

Post marked, and stamped,

sparkly stickered, 

decorated with glitter-glue,

then inscribed
in the neatest script 

you’ll ever see,

because I can’t make clearer 

my love for thee.

With tiny segments

of pre-peeled mandarin

delivered to your bedside 

in teenage afternoons

when you were too hung-over,

to leave your room,

I was never ashamed

to be around you,

because I was setting the bar.

Why didn’t I flinch

when you crashed Mum’s car?

That was me…

just setting the bar.

With each brush-stroke

on your primary school

“My Favourite Animal is a…” project,

because you just had to be the child 

with the life-size

fold out


hand painted 

of a Snow Leopard.

Didn’t you?

When I made your bed, 

complimented your looks,

and stood in awe

of your dog-eared books,

then drove to all corners 

at which ever “a.m.”

you called

I was setting the bar.

Because sweetheart, I know 

that train seems slow a comin’

but slow, and steady

take gold without running
so honey; stay happy,

stay honest, be true,

and if you fall in to pieces

Araldite and love,

are here for you.

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