Charm and Maturity.

Charm, is simply having the grace
to call young girls “ladies,”
and elderly ladies “girls.”
The spring of their step,
the bounce of their curls,
their too-short skirts or
demure blouses, and pearls,
the bleach blond streaks
or the mauve rinsed swirls.
Dear women, your beauty
englistenes the world!

Maturity, is being petrified
of spiders.
But respecting them enough
to not pull down their webs.
For I could not knit,
something so fine
with the steadiest hands
or most delicate twine
I haven’t the skill,
nor the patience, or time
Dear Arachnids,
the web is your call, not mine
But lace them near me
and your legs pay the fine.

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