Anthony Wabbit

There once was a boy named Abbott
with ears as large as a rabbit,
policies poor as a slave,
and regimes from a retrograde age.

That silly wee boy, PM Tony,
all full of hot air and baloney,
shirt-fronted his way to the top
but failed to pause, and stop.

To remember the sick, and the old
or to care for our delicate land,
so with a fanciful twist,
and an iron clad fist,
he held ‘Straya under remand!

“Climate! What climate?”
Proclaimed our pea-brain
as he sliced up tax-payer funds,
“Benevolent acts?
We’ll have none of that!”
AUS AID, you’re finished, and done!

“Boat people? Yucky!
Too messy, not here!
Round ’em up, herd ’em off
my cabinet don’t care!”

“But don’t worry, ladies,
It’s under control;
I’ll be your Minister!”
as our eyes did roll.

That duffer PM, and his all-too-white-smile
he lasted a time, and lasted a while
But before too long, he was ousted and gone
and the people put Tony on trial!

For your daylight robbery wont last long,
we’ll wake up one day to how utterly wrong
we were to trust in some wannabe hero
who’ll wind up in exile, as nothing but zero.

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