Fat and happy, babe.

One day babe, we’ll be fat and happy
knee deep in bills, and changing nappies
a slow dancing bride and groom
holding hands in the living room
with the kids tucked in at night
and our work tied up just right
fat and happy babe, just you and me.

One day babe, we’ll be old and grey
stuck in twin recliners every day
a slow motion man and wife
who’ve lived a long, full life
the kids, come grown adults
who’ve strayed from all our faults
old and grey my darling, you and me.

One day babe, however near or far
life will join our paths, from wherever we are
and with careful stitches, fine as gold
love will mend all hurts of old
till we’re stitched with laughter at this world
that brought together boy and girl
in such serendipitous fate
as we knew on that first date.

2 thoughts on “Fat and happy, babe.

    • Haha! “Fat and Sassy, Babe” sounds like an absolute ripper, and I probably will do it!

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