The best advice
my father ever gave me
was that I could tell people
to “get fucked.”
The next time someone tells you
you can’t achieve your dream
you tell them to get fucked, sweetheart,
then go out and show them
what you mean.
Dream bigger than those
narrow minded
have ever seen.

The next time someone tells you
that you can’t change the world,
you “tell them to get fucked,”
they’ve evidently
just not met
your Daddy’s
little girl;
work harder
than you knew you could,
you’ll stick it to ‘em in a whirl.

Hold your head up high,
my dear,
press one ear to the ground
keep your nose at humble height,
and don’t mess folks around,
cast your line into the sea
though the catch
might come in slow,
and if no haul comes in this day
take time to rest and know;
you go out to the shoreline
loved deeply, not alone
so go out until you’re old as I,
and grey hair blows you home.

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