Feel free.

Lock me up behind grey bars,
but grant me the grace to gaze at stars
half turn the key, full turn away
leave Earth to spin from night to day.

While galaxies far off catch light,
to make the dark forever bright,
as planets gather moons and dust
from corners of the cosmos’ rust.

Bind my feet to the concrete pad,
yet grant me a heart forever glad
for the breath that makes the hearts tune sung
which, caged by ribs, escapes twin lungs.

Tar, and feather, throw me in stocks!
Clothe me in cloth, and shave my locks!
For all without shall fade, and change
while all within endures; remains.

No gilding for these walls of stone
inside I weave an eternal home;
darned with hope, draped with faith
entwined with love like finest lace.

You may strip my laurels, and take my gold
for secured within, still dwells my soul
which bends not once for cold, grey bars
but humbly kneels beneath the stars.

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