Sorry God.

but I’ll try not, to do it anymore.
I forgot the way that shadows play
across my hard wood floors.

It slipped my mind in such small time
then struck me deaf, rendered me blind
As I recalled with the ache of a woman’s pain
How Etta James, sounds best in rain.

And  my unhemmed heart, tattered and strained
with the finest needle, restitched again.

slide through my hands
then bare, confused, sojourned the lands.
I placed my joy in those I knew
But my soul, so hungry,
sapped their lives too.

A burden! A weight! A sinker! I sank.
Blindfolded, and frozen I shook on the plank.
Waves crashing beneath me, blood starting to race,
Tears staining the cloth that covered my face.

The wind on my legs, caressing cream lace
my ship creaking leftways, and rightways through space.

my kind, loving Christ
Whose nail pierced hands, long ago paid the price
I ran on ahead, no thought for the cross
and for months, grasped thin air
but came to a loss.

A sinner! A devil! A liar! I am.
Lace became sackcloth, ash fell through my hands
My kingdom, once shining, began to show rust
my earthly possessions ammounted to dust.

For lives lead by others, my own heart did lust
goodbye faithful God; in myself, I will trust.

Reached down from on high,
His mercy, His grace, both parted the sky
And as He did for Moses, by parting the Sea
My God has moved skies to reach down, and save me.

One thought on “Sorry God.

  1. Cat I could just sit for hours and listen to the musings of your mind. You both inspire me to write and make me question my right to do so with your words that are so clever and beautifully put together.

    In your own words “… and you didn’t use any throw away words either – you picked all good ones!”

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