Movies, huh.

I will never forget
the first time I went to the movies
with boys
at the cinemas on Broadway,
in Newmarket.
I was twelve and excited to see
and my Mother was twelve-hundred
years wiser than me
and terrified about me being in a dark cinema
with “boys of the opposite sex.”
I didn’t quite understand what she meant,
as she pulled me aside
and looked at me with those eyes.

Now I am older.
And I can recall that the last three times
I have kissed a boy, or a guy, or a man
or whatever I’m supposed to call them these days,
it has started with
“Hey, do you want to come over and watch
that movie we casually talked about that one time
that we both said we really wanted to see
while looking at each other longingly?”

Dark room,
subtle spoon,
nestled in a kiss cocoon.

Evolution huh,
well yes
I guess.

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