A day in the Big Top.

I went to the Circus, climbed into a box,
then a saw came to sever my limbs from my locks
And that feeling which should have been pure agony
Broke chains from my feet, and set my heart free!

My old complete frame, although not the same,
Now two from what once was one
So with a short yelp, and the Ringmaster’s help,
New life I began to begun!

What a pity it seemed, before I let go
To portion my body in two
But after the slice, the world looked so nice
Repainted in hindsight’s soft hue!

How strange it appeared, as I staggered away
to glance back at that truly odd show
For when I had arrived, I was barely alive
And I wonder now, what made me go?

All questions aside what was done had been did,
I walked off from that brightly striped tent,
And just as I strode, down an untravelled road
The Circus packed up, and then went.

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