Re-sell Value.

If women are like cars then I am going to be a classic.
You can keep your Honda Civic.
I will be a Ford Fairlaine 500 in fire engine red,
with leather interiors softer than the underside of a kitten’s chin.
Go ahead, take that ’91 Starlett out for another spin,
I will be right here in the garage collecting memories,
and value.
There’s a thousand other cars out there who will gladly do the trick,
but none are quite like me; none as fast, as sweet, or slick
none with handling quite like mine
or with chrome that has my shine
none you’ll adore as much me,
or want to cruise with all the time.
They wont purr as their engines roar
or have AM radios which soar
and you won’t rest the same across their hood
when all the world’s done you no good,
and you wont sneak out late with them to see the stars,
for all those girls are passing cars.

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