A beautiful trip.

I arrived in a place I’d never been
and feasted on sights my eyes had not seen
my arms stretched wide while my legs grew long,
but I hid in the shade of the place I came from.

My body at once in this new found place
as my thoughts lingered on at an old, tired pace
but my conscience was roused from the depths of it’s pit
called fourth from it’s dwelling in drowsy comfort.

How the groan of confusion bled through that first year
Why would you lie, and lure me here?
You said we would move to a new Promised Land,
You said you would guide me, hand clasping hand.

And I cursed your name, and I hated your ways
lay awake through the nights, and moved through the days
but I stood this dry ground, for I shall not be moved
and now mercy and grace are the comforts which soothe.

For just as you promised, just as you swore
you broke me to shape me so I could be more.
Just as you pledged, and just as you vowed
you carried the weight when I finally allowed.
And just as you spoke of a vast, new home
you gave me a new heart, and took the old one of stone.

Now I have been across land, I have flown over sea
and found no greater love, than thy love for thee
I have been filled with delight, which has caused me to skip
These last two years?
The most beautiful trip.

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