Why be cool?

Why would you bother
wasting any of your precious time
on being “cool.”
Cool is so entry level, so forgettable,
it’s not even a very meaningful temperature.
“It’s a bit cool out,”
Cool is to ice-cold what luke-warm is to HOT.
Be chilly, be glacial, but for God’s sake – don’t be “cool”
Oh why, why, why would you care to be cool
when you could be…
Amazing, incredible, captivating, beautiful,
RIDICULOUS, silly, kind, witty, loving,
earth-shatteringly sweet, talented, intelligent,
and humble too.
Or a hamburger!
You could really put the shivers up a few people,
and be yourself.
You could be anything in the world if you knew it.

If I have children who want to be cool
I’ll send them to school in Autumn,
without sweaters.
(Not Winter, because I wouldn’t want the authorities called.)
And they can spend however long they damn well please
being as Cool as they damn well like.
I’ll tell them that Cool will suck their soul dry
and that if they see “Cool,” in the streets they should RUN
in the opposite direction.
Because Cool will mug them of their individuality,
and probably their lunch money.
And when they come home, with sniffly noses and colds
from being cool all day,
I’ll wrap them up in my softest blankets
with my strongest arms,
and tell them if they want me to call them cool,
I will,
but I’ll always secretly think they’re just incredible.

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