The Endangered Soy Fish.

Whenever I buy sushi
I cannot help but wonder
at the small, plastic, red-nosed,
fish shaped bottles
which takeaway soy sauce comes in.

Soy Sauce? From the Soy Fish?
A strange accompaniment to my dish!
It’s from a bean not from the sea
that salty, brown deli-ca-cy.
It’s from the earth you silly twits,
not from the deepest ocean pits.
So why my Soy Sauce in a fish?
To make my sushi so delish!
Why package it with fins and tails?
When beans have neither gills nor scales!
It seems so wrong, it seems so rude,
It looks too cute beside my food!
I feel compelled to save the critter…
Though my hungry tummy starts to jitter
And I know it’s daft, I know it’s dumb
But I feel compassion for this one!
Oh it’s too complex to just decide,
Be free Soy Fish! Be with the tide.

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