Could be worse.

My only problem with reincarnation is this
If I got to come back, and do it all again
I wouldn’t change a thing.

I wouldn’t wish for wings
or to be a bird that sings
I wouldn’t want more gold,
or to live some place less cold
I wouldn’t care to be taller
…or to have my thighs a little smaller
I wouldn’t even dream
to be a more impressive cook
I love this brain which feels content
with sifting through a book.

I like it as it is,
no more; I love this life
this Pale Blue Dot my groom,
and I the Dot’s beloved wife.
Treated well and held so dear
by the trees, the sea, the air
then laid to rest each night
with the stars above in flight.

Oh some people like to whine
to complain, to whinge and moan
but you could be dead and buried,
covered by the grass that’s grown.
And I know it can be cruel,
it can trample us so low
but like the embers of a fire
new dawn is hopes true glow.

Hence instead of being full of gloom,
I resolve to be forever glad,
for the world is full of wonder
and life’s really not that bad.

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