Being beige.

The tea coloured walls
Of my beige hotel room
Are making me feel as
as my blankets.
I should not say “my,”
for I do not, nor would wish,
to own such a beige establishment.

Though I am somewhat partial,
to tea stained walls.

I curl with the Earl in our beige blanketed bed
and, switching off all the switches
I sit in the dark.
I retreat.
Letting the Earl scald his was down my
Following him as he leads.
And deep within myself,
Where all is beating, pumping, pulsing
velvet RED;
I know I am not beige.

One thought on “Being beige.

  1. Beige is a colour you are not
    Red and purple and green and gold
    Can not capture what I behold
    You’re a new colour I’ll call Cat.

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