My favourite citrus fruit
Is by far the juicy tangelo
For its bright delightful name
Seems to invoke Michelangelo

The pairing of the two
Seems tremendously  pristine
So I behold the grocers ceiling
And imagine the Sistine

Oh, the other shoppers
Must imagine me a fool!
To stand so sillily
And try to keep my cool

For I can only guess
Those patrons do not see,
The cherubs and the Gods
Parading over me

The Lord extends a finger
To reach his hand to man
And makes his closest contact
Just above the bread and jam

And those grumpy little angels,
Who ponder unknown thoughts
Slump sulking by the air vents
Beside the cakes and tortes

But as my eyes go roaming
Beyond  asile number one
My Sistine Grocer Ceiling?
Ruined by a piece of gum!

Crash landing from my thoughts
With Michelangelo to his casket
I pluck out from the orange,
Two tangelos for my basket.

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