Melbourne Metro Trains

The colours flashed past the windows this morning on the Belgrave/Lilydale line. I stared out, snapping frames with my eyelid shutters like usual hoping to hold the memories that dot themselves just along the train tracks, and all the while all I could think was…

I wonder if perhaps today, just for today… I missed my stop.

I turned my gaze, now snapping shots with every blink at each person sitting in the full carriage. School boys in maroon uniforms and grey shorts, swapping tips about how to “get chicks,” a Public Transport Nana with a penchant for matching blue and doing crosswords, a tanned woman dozing in and out of sleep. As I took more moments to look, the looks in the eyes of peoples faces became as familliar as my own and I wondered how many of them were wondering what just might happen if they too decided to get off a stop later.

Your whole life could change, you never know.

I am thinking a lot lately about change, how it’s a good thing, but I’ve been questioning perhaps whether or not too much change is a bad thing? I haven’t found an answer yet. It’s probably another “happy balance,” thing and likely hinged not so much on a question of “change,” but of contentment.

– Cat
Mississippi Calling

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